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2006 Season  Hunt

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Big Horn Sheep 3D Google Maps!.

Big Horn Sheep 3D Google Maps!

Download free 3D visualization software from earth.google.com. Then, open our map by simply choosing "File" and "Open". Google Earth (tm Google Inc.) will open our map and zoom in. You can tilt the map and view in 3D! View kill sites in 3D. Gather coordinate information, look at trail routes, see where the most recent sheep kills are. Fade our maps and view the kill sites over Google's great satellite images. Click Here to see 3D more mapping examples. Note These maps are not paper maps, these maps are 3D Images delivered electronically for use in your iPad, iPhone, DROID or on your PC in 3D. A high-speed internet connection is required for Google Earth to operate. And here's a bonus, the maps also load into new Garming GPS units, iPhones, and iPads.

Bighorn Sheep 3D Maps:

Email Friend Price: $39.95
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