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2010 in Review

Archery Elk and Rifle Moose and Rifle Deer

Moose Hunt

2008 Season  Hunt

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HuntData’s Digital Maps
                                                                                                                                                                                       7.x Versions
                            Garmin Handheld GPS



Garmin has released software updates that allow a variety of compatible devices including those in the Colorado, Oregon, Dakota, GPSMap 62/78, Montana, Rhino 6xx, Astro 320, eTrex 20/30 and Edge 800 series to utilize custom mapping.  Before creating and transferring custom maps, ensure your GPS firmware is up-to-date using Garmin’s WebUpdator tool (see Garmin Website).

  1. Connect your Garmin GPS device to your computer.  When you connect via a USB cable, your Garmin unit should show up like an external hard drive.
  2. Find the HuntData LLC Digital Map in the GMU folder.  You may load any of the Elk, BLM, or Topo Maps with a .kmz suffix.  Right mouse click on the map you wish to load and select “copy”.
  3. Open the hard drive on your Garmin GPS.  If you do not have a [drive:]\Garmin\CustomMaps directory (no spaces) on your Garmin device, create it.  All custom maps must be stored in the [drive:]\Garmin\CustomMaps directory.
  4. Right mouse click in the directory and choose “Paste”
  5. Eject and unplug your device from your computer.
  6. Turn on your GPS and select the map.  On some units you need to click “Activate” in the upper right corner to activate the map.
  7. If you are not in the area covered by the map you will need to scroll to it.

By default, Garmin Custom Maps are enabled on your device.

 To disable your custom map on Dakota or Oregon:
Select Setup > Map > Map Information. Deselect the check box for your custom map.

 To disable your custom map on Colorado:

Go to the Map page, and select Options > Select Map. Scroll to your custom map and
deselect the check box.

 Download the maps below and load them in your Garmin to test functionality

  1. Unit 201 base Land Ownership Map
  2. Unit 201 Elk Concentration Map



Industry File Standard Formats

Mobile Mapping App’s are adopting one of two standard formats for geo-referenced file.  We store our maps using both formats:

Geo-Tiff – the files are identified by a .tif suffix.  The tif format is a standard file format for photo’s which contain coordinate referencing information.  The map is stored as an image with referencing information.

KMZ – the files are identified by a .kmz suffix.  The format was introduced by Google Inc. and is used in Google Earth.  This format is a collection of small tiled images creating a mosaic of the larger map. 









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