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A Windows program which combines historical success and draw data for Colorado into one analytical tool. Click for an overview of the features.

Who needs it?

Hunters planning their hunt in an over-the-counter unit or units. Which units have the best success over time? Which unit had the best success rate last year? How do 2nd, 3rd and 4th seasons compare? Where is the highest success rate for archery? Is the success rate better for the units surrounding my unit?

We've collected data for the past 10 years from the DOW and in fact BigGameCD was written for the Colorado Parks & Wildlife as a tool to better inform hunters of where to hunt in Colorado.

So who needs it? Hunters who want information and hunters who want details need it.

  • Chart success rates and draw trends for the past 15 years
  • Rank success rates for one season across all units
  • Rank all of the seasons within the same unit
  • Compare success rates for the same season in multiple units over time
  • Get free annual updates through the Internet
  • Works with all versions of Windows


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Videos Showing BigGameCD features

1st Season Rifle Video



Unit 201

A brochure explaining the Statewide Map set